Common questions about Gi Fly

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  •   What are the dimensions of the extended Gi Fly?

    Gi Fly, extended, is 66.93 inches (1700mm) long and 40.16 inches (1020mm) tall. The width of the handlebar is 25.98 inches (660mm).

  •   What are the dimensions of a folded Gi Fly?

    Gi Fly, folded, is 35.43 inches (900 mm) long and 40.16 inches (1020mm) tall. The width of the handlebar is 25.98 inches (660mm).

  •   What is the approximate weight of the Gi Fly?

    Gi Fly´s approximate weight is 55 lbs (25 kg).

  •   What type of battery does Gi Fly have?

    Gi Fly has a custom Lithium Ferrum Phosphate (LifePo4) battery made with Panasonic cells - 2,800 mAh.

  •   For how long does the battery last?

    The battery allows you to ride up to 40 miles (60 km) with electric assistance on a single charge.

  •   What type of tires does Gi Fly have?

    Gi Fly has full-size, 26x1.5-inch tires with blade spokes and custom alloy rims. Solid anti-puncture tires designed for electric bikes and urban terrain.

  •   What is Gi Fly made of?

    Gi Fly is made from 100% recyclable aircraft grade aluminum alloy.

  •   What is the top speed of Gi Fly?

    Gi Fly, on the highest level of electric assistance, can go as fast as 15 mph (25 km/h) - the legal limit. You can achieve a faster speed by pedaling, although it’s not recommended in heavy urban areas.

  •   What type of motor does Gi Fly have?

    Gi Fly has a Bafang gearless hub rear wheel 250 watt motor.

  •   What type of brakes does Gi Fly have?

    Gi Fly has mechanical disc brakes for both the front and rear wheels, 160 mm and 205 mm respectively.

  •   What type of controller does Gi Fly have?

    Our custom made printed circuit board (PCB) aligns with our controller to allow the bike to wirelessly sync with any smart phone.

  •   What saddle does Gi Fly have?

    The saddle has a shock absorbing system: silicone gel inserts and extra thickness. The idea is to make you as comfortable as possible.

  •   Does folding the bike damage the saddle?

    No. We have a WTB kevlar reinforced saddle - custom designed to protect the rear portion that touches the floor.

  •   How much does the bike weigh?

    The bike weighs 55 lbs (25 KG)

  •   What is the recommended maximum weight limit?

    The recommended maximum weight limit is ~220 lbs (~100 kg).

  •   Will there be technical support post-purchase?

    Yes. We are currently organizing a network of certificated service stores. The locations will be announced soon.

  •   Will Gi Fly have a warranty?

    Yes. There is a 1-year warranty for all the components that make up Gi Fly.

  •   How do I charge the battery?

    Plug your bike into any regular outlet.

  •   How long does it take to fully charge the battery?

    The batteries, starting with zero juice, will be completely recharged after 4 hours of being connected to any regular outlet.

  •   How many times can Gi Fly be recharged before I need to change it?

    The battery can be charged 1,000 times before you notice any kind of difference in battery life. With average use, this is similar to riding with electric assistance for five years.

  •   How do I change the battery?

    Gi Fly’s battery is located inside the frame. Take it to one of our service stores to change the battery.

  •   Can I use the bike without electronic assistance?

    Yes. You will always be able to use it as a regular, manual bike, even if you run out of battery.

  •   How can I be sure Gi Fly will not fold as I am using it?

    It’s impossible to fold the bike when you are riding. Our system is designed to auto-lock itself with the weight of the user, and 4 lb (~2 kg) activates this lock. The bike will not lock if you run out of battery.

  •   Will there be a line of accessories to add to Gi Fly?

    Yes! We are in the process of developing a range of accessories to meet the needs of commuters. Look out for announcements in the coming months.

  •   Does the bike have different speeds?

    The bike has 3 levels of assistance. The actual speed depends on the path you ride and how much you pedal. The motor will get you to 15 mph (25 km/h).

  •   Can I hang the bike from a hook in my garage from the front rim?

    Sure, Gi Fly can hang from a hook or use many other types of standard bicycle stands.

  •   How do the batteries cope with cold weather (frost)?

    All batteries lose some change power in the extreme cold. Gi Fly has an enclosed battery to sustain the charge as much as possible in temperatures over 5° F (-15° C).

  •   How does the FlyFolding System work?

    The FlyFolding system is a patent pending custom arrangement of mechanical parts that allows the bike to be folded in one second and in one simple motion. You just need to activate the lever on the frame and pull upwards.

  •   What is the Gi Fly mobile app?

    The Gi Fly mobile app is already available to download in the App Store and Google Play. The app allows you to control Gi Fly’s Smart Lights, lock the bike automatically, loan the bike to a friend safely and securely, create a user profile, and share your favorite routes and your personal fitness statistics over social media.

  •   How does the Electric ‘Flight’ Assistance work?

    There are 4 levels of Electric ‘Flight’ Assistance (including the option to chose to ride manually, without any assistance). The Gi Fly mobile app allows you to easily and safely control your level of electric assistance.

  •   How does the Smart Lock Anti-Theft System work?

    The Smart Locking System allows you to program the bike to lock automatically when it detects that your phone is 10 feet (3 meters) away from the folded bike.

  •   How do the Smart Lights work?

    The Smart-Lights are white, high-efficiency LEDs. They can be activated via the Gi Fly mobile app.

  •   How does the Smartphone Charger work?

    The Smartphone Charger is a convenient USB port centrally located between the two handlebars.

  •   What is the Anti Puncture System?

    The Anti Puncture System refers to the airless set of tires that allow you to ride without the possibility of getting a flat.

  •   How does the Sharing Program work?

    It’s easy! Basically, the Gi Fly mobile app has its own sharing program. Download the app, add friends via social media, and then share your secure unlocking code with a friend you trust (they might run away with it). The app allows you to create a sharing schedule and cancel any particular loan at any point in time.

  •   What is the belt drive?

    A belt drive is a mechanism in which power is transmitted by the movement of a continuous flexible belt. Unlike a bike chain, it uses no grease, requires no maintenance, makes no noise, and does not rip or dirty your pants.