Behind the Bike

The idea behind Gi Fly was born in Argentina after a national strike paralyzed public transportation throughout the country. We, the founders of Gi Fly, saw the crucial need to not have to rely on public transportation and knew there had to be a way for commuters to regain independence.

After researching countless other means of transportation, we've realized that the bicycle is still the best way to get around any city.

Gi Fly aims to reignite the modernization of bike technology by giving daily commuters an all-in-one bicycle that fulfills their tech savvy needs, adapts to their cities, and promotes a greener and better world.

Bignay Inc. is our company, and Gi Fly is our first product. Most broadly, Bignay is dedicated to improving urban space. But our mission extends beyond the realm of urban transportation.

We strive to introduce technology into metropolitan areas that harness human energy in sustainable, environmentally friendly, positive and often untraditional ways. Gi Fly is our first revolution, and we hope to incite many more!

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  • Lucas Toledo

    CEO & Co-Founder

    A city native and economist with a passion for technology, GiFly is Lucas’ third company. He is a two-time TEDx speaker and a leader in Argentina’s entrepreneurial scene.

  • Agustín Augustinoy

    Creative Director & Co-Founder

    Agustin’s electrical engineering and industrial design backgrounds resonate throughout Gi Fly’s design. He has worked in various areas including software programming, interface development and project management.

  • Eric Sevillia

    CFO & Co-Founder

    Eric holds a Bachelors Degree of Science with a double major in Economics and Finance from the Stern School of Business. He works closely with ventured backed start-ups and mid-sized companies.

  • Emanuel Ravera


    A graduate from the National Technological University of Cordoba, Ema is a software engineer with a degree in Innovation Management from Ajou University in South Korea.

  • Gabe Nudel


    A graduate from Bates College with a degree in Environmental Science, Gabe has worked on several environmental justice projects in the United States and on the US-Mexico border.

  • Long Chen

    Manufacturing Manager

    Born in China and educated in Argentina, Long has a vast array of experience working as an industrial engineer in both South American and Asian companies.

  • Gabriel Lapeña

    Chief Engineer

    Gabriel is a mechanical and electrical engineer with a vast array of experience in the European automotive industry. He is an expert in production methodology and product development.

  • Lucas Mancini

    Electronic Engineer

    An electronic engineer, Lucas has several years of experience in embedded system design and firmware development. His senior thesis is renown in the field of biomedical equipment.