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Electric Folding Bike

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FlyBike Mobile App.

Control everything using the Gi Fly Mobile App. Lights. Locking. GPS. Social networking. Safely control it all from your phone.

Electric Flight

40 miles (60 km) of assistance on a single charge. Get to work without breaking a sweat.

Smartphone Charger

Gi FlyBike’s battery charges your phone so you stay connected as you get from A to B.

Smart Locking System and Sharing Program

Your Gi FlyBike will lock automatically once you are 10 feet (3 meters) from the folded bike. Then know that there is a safe way to share your FlyBike. Just use your App.

No Maintenance

Anti puncture tires

Soft enough for the ride, hard enough not to give out to any silly little sharp thing on the road.

(Non Grease) Belt Drive

“Trousers-friendly” bicycle. Gi FlyBike looks neat and clean and smart. You should too.

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