• Gi Fly Bike

    “This bike rides like a dream. For the first time ever, I have fun on my way to work.”

  • Gi Fly Bike

    “The bike connects perfectly and is fun to ride”

  • Gi Fly Bike

    “Got the bike and is awesome! Best christmas ever! Thanks Gi Fly Team!”

  • Gi Fly Bike

    “It must have taken a lot of talent, grit and sleepless nights to bring this to production, specially this one that breaks the standard”

  • Gi Fly Bike

    “Received my bike over a week ago and I love it. The electric assistance and the puncture proof tires are smooth. The bike is heavier than I thought, but I can live with that. ”

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Gi Fly App.

  • A bike controlled by fingertips rather than by handlebars. Glide uphill, activate LED lights, track distance traveled.

  • Route guidance to get to the restaurant safely and on time. Loved the food? Save the route. Share it with friends.

  • Share your bike with those important to you. Build a world around your Gi Fly.

  • Fold your Gi Fly and head into the coffee shop. Relax. Only you have the power to unfold it.

  • Run into an issue on the road? Contact our support line directly through the App.

Gi Fly Bike Technical Drawing
  • “One of our best hopes when it comes to alleviating many of the world’s transportation issues.”

    Fast Company Design
  • “Has the potential to disrupt the global electric bike industry.”

  • “If pulling a lever to fold in half isn’t enough for you, it is capable of much, much more.”

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Man standing over folded Gi Fly Bike

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We've decided to reinvent the world's most efficient means of transportation - the bicycle.